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Mai steps in firing shots at Black, telling Trunks that he is the one who needs to survive. After narrowly avoiding a large explosion, he is able to make it back to Future Mai in an underground shelter. Once outside West City, Trunks then transforms into a Super Saiyan and then proceeds to clobber Cell with great ease. 20 Comments. Future Trunks cannot harm Janemba, but he holds him off long enough for the Spirit Bomb to be prepared. It was unknown how Future Trunks would react to meeting Trunks (until Dragon Ball Super), however this occurs in the video games Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Impressed, Goku also powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and then eventually goes farther to Super Saiyan 3. Mai asks him if he wants to rest, yet he declines. Trunks asks what are they supposed to do, be quiet and watch. L'aura d'éclairs est plus violente qu'en Super Saiyan 2. I can't do it without you! Akira Toriyama. Future Trunks says he does not want to train with a monster like Vegeta, but that he will realize that training together is more efficient than doing it by himself. Future Trunks and Vegeta travel to Sadala to assist Hit, Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla in their battle against the twins Oren and Kamin. Bidding farewell to Trunks, Future Gohan flies off to heroically confront his destiny. Future Trunks chases after Towa when she revives and enhances Cui's power, but Towa manages to escape and Future Trunks regroups with his group after they defeated Zarbon. Future Trunks has a younger counterpart mentioned in. Knowing his mother's attitude means trouble, Trunks begs Whis (who he mistakes as the God) until the latter points out Beerus with Trunks learning he is the God of Destruction. By the time they arrive, they fall unconscious. Sometime prior to the "Future" Trunks Saga, Trunks and Mai met and became allies that stood in defiance to Goku Black. He notices two halves of something inside, which Bulma says look like an egg. Trunks almost reaches Cell, but Vegeta kicks Trunks away into a nearby mountain. Future Trunks and the others watched as Goku used the button to summon Future Zeno, as Gowasu and Shin bowed down, while Future Trunks questioned who he was and is surprised to hear from Bulma he is the most eminent god in the universe. Le site traite des productions issues d'éditeurs japonais All those people! Three times if one counts Time Patrol Trunks saving his mentor Future Gohan from dying in Age 780 in the, Trunks has fought with and defeated a version of every major villain from, Future Trunks holds the rank of "Commander" by Earth's Resistance in his timeline, and Time Patrol Trunks is referred to as both Captain and Commander of the Time Patrol in the. Trunks' Power Unleashed! As he was fighting him, Dabura spits on the Z Sword, and as it was being turned into stone, Shin demanded Trunks to release the sword. He engaged in a beam struggle with Fused Zamasu, and with Vegeta's assistance, they were able to overcome him. Goku tells everyone to grab on to him as he uses Instant Transmission to transport them to where Demigra fled to and find themselves inside the Time Vault. Goku Black is surprised that Future Trunks completely vanished. Future Trunks is trained by Future Gohan as a teenager… With Mr. Satan having been quickly knocked out of the ring, Goku steps into the Cell Games Arena to face Cell, as the rest of the Dragon Team watch anxiously from the sidelines. Future Trunks is later asked why he time travelled as he talks about a new enemy, when asked if it was Majin Buu, he tells them he prevented the villain's hatching. Future Trunks watches the battle between Janemba and the newly powered up Vegeta, and congratulates his father on his victory Janemba. The Future Warrior heads out to stop them, while Trunks stays behind to protect Tokitoki and monitor the situation from the Time Nest, as Chronoa uses Toki Toki City's set of Dragon Balls to inform Goku of the situation. Everyone is shocked to hear that the enemy is someone who looks a lot like Goku, and he has committed genocide on Earth and countless other planets to kill all mortals in the name of justice. In his childhood… Angry over his father being controlled, Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan and charges Oren but is quickly blasted into the sea when he uses Smash Break on him. Figurine Mirai Trunks SSJ – Dragon Ball Z. Mirai trunks ssj. As a result, Trunks acts as the Future Warrior mission controller, communicating with them from the Time Nest though occasionally joins them in the field such as during the fight with Mira in a wasteland during the Cell Games, as Mira and Towa originate from a different timeline and as a result fighting them will not effect history. Download. He traveled from his timeline accompanied by a robot named Hope! Trunks is age 23 at the time. Using data collected during her trip their she develops the Hero Colosseum and Hero Figures for the Time Patrol as a fun game. In Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, Future Trunks easily kills a few demons with a powerful icicle shaped as a blade. It is revealed that Trunks and his partner the Toki Toki City Hero have been busy searching for the whereabouts of Towa and Mira who have returned following their defeat during the Demigra Incident and gone back to altering history, recruiting various villains such as Turles, Lord Slug, and Cooler to aid them in altering history. Trunks explains that while both he and Vegeta surpassed the regular Super Saiyan form in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he went a step further which Vegeta did not notice. Future Trunks later follows Goku to an Arctic area in order to defend Goku from the Androids, growing concerned when Goku begins to become exhausted from the fight. This file is all about PNG and it includes mirai trunks - mirai trunks ssj tale which could help you design much easier than ever before. When Future Trunks first appeared in the present his strength was comparable to Goku's.[20]. When he thought that Goku Black had killed her, Trunks became so enraged that he immediately attacks the dark entity. Counterparts As Trunks looks in concern, Krillin also states that he knows Trunks is hiding massive power himself, perhaps by breaking a barrier of Super Saiyan that Vegeta could not reach. He returns to use this transformation during his training with Vegeta, and later several times against Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Rage), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), & Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), vs. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Rage) vs. Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted/Huge Final Stage). Mirai is sometimes referred to as Vege in memory of his grandpa by trunks. Chronoa mentions seeing "Little" Trunks and Goten playing with them earlier, so Trunks and the warrior decide to go ask them about the figures. Trunks attempts to stop Black, but fails. The 2nd Future Warrior stays behind to assist Trunks, who transformed to his Super Saiyan Rage form as he battles the powered up Goku Black and Zamasu. Enraged at the supposed death of Mai, Future Trunks powers up to a Super Saiyan 2 and fires a Masenko at Goku Black, who blocks it, but the force of the blast is enough to push Black outside of the Capsule Corporation building. However, Ginyu was actually bait to lure Trunks into trap and has his body stolen by Ginyu, unintentionally altering history, forcing Trunks in Ginyu's body to fight alongside Goku and the warrior to regain his original body, which leads to Turles aiding Ginyu in stealing Goku's body though the timeline is eventually restored. His voice is also temporarily deepened in this form, further representing his changed demeanor. With Vegeta out of harm's way, Cell asks Trunks if he can now fight freely. Cell says that once he has decided the location for the tournament, he will broadcast it on television and turns to leave before mockingly telling Trunks to bring plenty of Senzu Beans. Gohan doesn't know what's going on either. Bulma tells Trunks that the Time Machine in the photo is covered with moss and looks old, and asks how many she made in the future. They also have quite a bit of personality differences; while Present Trunks is cocky and arrogant like his father, Future Trunks is not, taking more after his mother Bulma. Future Trunks can use this form on its own, or in combination with his Super Saiyan 2 Awoken Skill. During the battle with Majin Buu in Age 774, Trunks witnesses his father's relapse into villainy as Majin Vegeta. After Broly demonstrated his ruthless by destroying the slave's home planet, Future Trunks stated if they allowed Broly to live then he'd continue to destroy the whole universe. This power was enough to slay Fused Zamasu. https://youtu.be/MuxSRiBsMIQ Future Trunks turns super saiyan for first time 1995 VS 2016 However, Elder Kai refutes his claims using Goku surpassing his elder brother Raditz as an example that being more experienced or older doesn't make one stronger. In the English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super, he now often refers to both his parents as "Mom" and "Dad" like his counterpart does. I WASN'T READY TO LOSE YOU! After he makes sure she is not evil, she explains the current events to him. While Xeno Trunks has no control over his body in this form as he is being controlled by Demigra, he is capable of resisting it mentally as he encourages the Future Warrior to keep on attacking him to dispel Demigra's hold over him. However even though Future Trunks is very different from his main timeline counterpart he shares one trait with him and that is his ability to create and execute complex battle strategies and attack at appropriate times during battle while battling stronger opponents to gain the advantage and this trait Future Trunks displays on a large number of occasions throughout his appearances in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super this trait he may have inherited from his father. Goku, Beerus, and Whis return to inform everyone of Zamasu's demise. 40. They see Trunks sitting by himself while Vegeta stands alone on a ledge. Goku volunteers to go first, much to Trunks' confusion, but Krillin suggests they let the clueless, arrogant Mr. Satan go first, not caring if he gets killed and there's no point in explaining the superhuman abilities most Earthlings don't know about. Despite attacking all together they have no effect on their opponent and Trunks is caught up in Kamioren's energy blast and falls to the ground and out of his Super Saiyan form. In the manga, Goku states that strength-wise Future Zamasu is weaker than Future Trunks. During the fight, Fused Zamasu mocks Future Trunks and his "mortal weakness", asking him where he will go for help now, the past of the future. Consumed by his anger, Future Trunks stand back up and takes on a completely new form never seen before, shocking everyone. Goku soon arrives using Instant Transmission and confronts Demigra alongside the Future Warrior. Future Trunks powers up and uses it on him, which seemed successful (that is until realizing that Goku forgot the amulet seal). While scouting with Krillin and Gohan the city on New Planet Vegeta, they discover that the "city" was actually a bunch of ruins, and that Paragus was utilizing slave labor to create the palace, and stopped some of the guards from whipping a Shamoian slave. After Goku Black disperses the blast, Trunks grabs his sword and prepares to attack. In the anime, while not seen in the present timeline Future Trunks appeared in a flashback killing Frieza when Shenron mention Frieza's death to Sorbet. He faced Future Dabura and destroyed him along with Future Babidi, preventing the resurrection of Future Majin Buu. He tells her about her future counterpart and how she was the leader of the resistance against Black. Krillin asks Trunks if he is correct in believing that traveling to the past and destroying the androids would change nothing in their timeline. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Future Trunks killing Frieza in a flashback of Resurrection ‘F’. Trunks gives Krillin a Senzu Bean and tells him to get Vegeta to Kame House. Due to the main timeline's history being distorted, Trunks wished for a strong warrior to help him in fixing the timeline, resulting in the Future Warrior being summoned to Toki Toki City. Future Trunks and Goku confronting Black and Zamasu. In this state Future Trunks is referred to as "Super Trunks". Vegeta believes that Goku would rather die than win like that, and right now, he isn't even fighting for the Earth's sake. Death Date(s) he was born in a mystic form so his power level as a child was close to his dad's right hand man Tatsenwho at the time was the leader of the Elite warriors. Figurine de Mirai Trunks de 13 à 21 cm. At the last second, Vegeta weakened his attack to avoid destroying the Earth, much to Krillin and Trunks' relief. After the Tournament ends Trunk points out the fighters sudden power-up after Goku showed up and hopes it is just his imagination but wonders if someone planned it. Future Trunks realizes the energy came from the rift in time Black had created which disappears and wonders how he can ever repay everyone who helped him. Black steps out of the shadows to tell Trunks that he is next. Over the course of the next thirteen years, Gohan becomes Future Trunks' mentor and trains him in everything he knows, also teaching him swordsmanship. Vegeta struggles to his feet, only for Cell to kick him into the air, then follow up with an elbow smash to his back, driving him into the ground and knocking him unconscious. When his attempts to tell Vegeta of his suspicions fell on deaf ears, he went over with Paragus to New Planet Vegeta, namely to further attempt to convince his father to not do it. My name is Trunks, and I came from 20 years in the future. Unaware of his form's weakness, Trunks is baffled, wondering why he can't hit Cell despite all his power. Trunks questions how he knows this, and Krillin explains that while he may not be nearly as strong as a Saiyan, he can sense exactly how strong someone is, and states Cell's kick was nothing more than a light tap. Trunks was shocked to learn of another android, who is a more dangerous threat. Noticing that the Time Machine still has a bit of power, Trunks turns it on and discovers that it came from the year Age 788, three years after his first trip. When Black and Future Zamasu cruelly put the blame on him for altering history, he couldn't accept it because all he wanted to do is save everyone. [13] Nevertheless, Future Trunks is depicted as incredibly respectful to everyone, especially his mother Future Bulma and his master Future Gohan. Later with the Future Warrior assisting him, Super Saiyan Trunks was able to fight on par with Mira (suppressed), a being whom was confident enough to believe he could beat Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Majin Buu at the same time easily even while suppressing his power. Removing his sword from his sheathe and transforming into a Super Saiyan, he engages them in battle. Appears in Mai comforts the grieving Trunks with a hug and tells him to eat the canned meat she found, and this time, it isn't dog food. He was easily ambushed and fell unconscious by Bojack himself. However, the Warrior manages to save Future Trunks from Future #17 and Future #18, but Towa arrives to reveal the second change and to mock them at being unable to save Future Trunks in time. However Demigra refuses to admit defeat and flees. Piccolo implores him and Gohan to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again, but Goku says that he and Gohan will train in the outside world, to Piccolo's surprise. In the anime only, on the next day, Vegeta takes Future Trunks to the forest to train and Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and wants Vegeta to go Super Saiyan 3 like Goku did. Bulma arrives at The Lookout and after noticing that Trunks has suddenly grown taller and his hair has grown out, gives them all battle suits that she had made. [12] Due to living in such harsh times and trying to find any means necessary to destroy the androids, Trunks lacks the arrogance and pride of Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta and uses methods unbecoming of a traditional Saiyan warrior. Shin stated that he miscalculated Babidi having the ability to have Dabura as his servant and declared that he will prevent Majin Buu's revival as he charged at Babidi. However, as a result of his interference, Towa attempts to erase Trunks from history by empowering the Future Androids to kill his past self in both Age 783 and Age 785, causing Trunks' existence to become ephemeral putting Trunks in danger of being erased completely (which would also potentially threaten the Warrior's existence as his wish resulted in the Warrior being summoned and recruited in the first place). Chronoa attempts to dissuade him due to the potential destruction he could cause. Struggling in the fight, Future Trunks turns Super Saiyan, managing to slice Android 14 horizontally in half, although it has a delayed effect. Later in the manga, when the Tournament of Power was soon to begin, Goku voiced his dismay that Future Trunks had already left, hoping to have recruited him to Team Universe 7. Future Trunks gives Kid Trunks his watch so that they will always be linked, even when they are in separate timelines. In the manga, Future Trunks does not utilize this form, and instead further empowered his strengthened Super Saiyan 2 form, first through training with Vegeta, and then through rage, allowing him to hold off Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black on multiple occasions.

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